I am a servant of Jesus Christ, a husband to an amazing wife, and a father to a blessing of a daughter. I am a pastor at Sovereign Way Christian Church in Hesperia, Ca.

I believe Reformed theology presents the clearest expression of biblical doctrine, grounded in God-centered exegesis. Reformed theology, as Charles Spurgeon says, is the gospel.

Also, I feel a special calling to minister and share the gospel with Jehovah’s Witnesses. The people of that cult have been truly deceived, embracing a false Christ and a false understanding of God and his Scriptures. Defending what we have been entrusted with is one of the most important tasks in the advancement of the gospel that a Christian can take part in, for I believe all Christians are called to be doctrinally sound to do so.

Ultimately, all things for the cause of Christ should edify the church and bring us closer to him and our fellow brothers and sisters in the faith.

I pray my blog does nothing but bring glory to the Lord

—Romans 11:36

  • London School of Theology
    Historical Theology, 2016 – present
    Ph.D student

    Supervisors: Prof. Tony Lane and Prof. Paul Helm

  • Columbia Evangelical Seminary
    Master of Divinity, 2013-2015
    Systematic Theology
  • Columbia Evangelical Seminary
    Master of Theological Studies, 2012-2013
    Systematic Theology
  • Columbia Evangelical Seminary
    Bachelor of Theology, 2011
    Apologetics – Thesis : “A Look at the Contextual Misuse and Lack of Reasoning by the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Reasoning from the Scriptures.” In this work, I give clear examples of the Watchtower Society using reputable, scholarly sources out of context or misquoting altogether to support its claim that the doctrine of the Trinity is not taught in Scripture.

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  1. Hi,

    I saw that you linked to my Greek website ntgreekstudies.com, and wanted to say thank you. I’ll be checking your site out, but already like what I see.

    Grace and Peace,

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate the work you have done on your site. It has been very helpful for me. God bless.


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